Terms of Use

Fabrication Lab Terms of Use

The following regulations are essential in order to achieve the necessary workflow and safety level for the benefit of all participants.

    1. Reservations:
        It is necessary to make a reservation before using any of the equipment. Appointments are booked only by the person that will be using the equipment. Under no circumstances can someone book on behalf of another person.
    2. Maintenance:
        The space must be clean and tidy at all times. Anyone using the equipment is responsible for cleaning up the machines, workbenches and floor after he (she) finishes and have all the tools used back at their safekeeping positions. The same applies for the space in the immediate vicinity of the Lab.  Any damage to equipment (broken tools etc) should be immediately reported to the Lab’s staff.  All the leftover pieces of material (especially those coming from the CNC Router) must be cut in smaller pieces and get thrown away at the appropriate litter boxes outside the School’s building by the persons that used the equipment.
    3. Processed materials:
      All materials to be processed must be precut at the appropriate dimensions to fit the equipments’ working space. In order to guarantee a smooth workflow and to avoid possible    malfunctions of the equipment, the materials allowed to be used are the following:

      1.  Laser cutter: Cardboard up to 2mm thick, Corrugated cardboard up to 3mm thick, Acrylic (Plexiglass), Balsa (softwood) up to 6mm thick. In general the materials used must be flat, non reflective, non metallic and free of polymers that produce harmful vapors when burned (like pvc).
      2. CNC Router: All types of wood, mdf, plexiglass and plywood, up to 5 cm thick, Dow (extruded polysterene), up to 5 cm thick
    4. Use of the Lab by students:
      1. The Laboratory is open to all students from 3rd to final year. Students at their 1st and 2nd year can use the equipment only within a specific course framework. In this case the tutor should make the necessary arrangements to reserve time for the entire course.

    5. The terms of use are mandatory and guarantee the unobtrusive operation of the Fabrication Lab. The Lab’s administration reserves the right to ban persons not respecting the rules.