Terms of Use

Operating and Safety Regulations for the Use of Laboratory Equipment

All students and persons using the Laboratory and its equipment are required to adhere to the following operating and safety rules. Laboratory personnel has the right to dismiss anyone who does not comply with the following.

Operating rules


It is necessary to make a reservation before using any equipment. Appointments are reserved only by the person using the equipment. Under no circumstances can anyone book for another person. It is the responsibility of the students to ensure that their computer designs are correct and ready for processing. Laboratory personnel are not responsible for the outcomes of faulty designs nor are they required to correct these designs.


The Lab area must be clean and tidy at all times. Anyone who uses the equipment is responsible for cleaning it, the work benches and flooring after they have finished their work. All the tools used should be returned to their storage space. The same is true for the surrounding area of the Laboratory. Any damage to equipment (broken tools, etc.) must be reported immediately to the laboratory staff. All remaining pieces of material that are useless (especially those coming from the CNC Router) must be cut into smaller pieces and thrown into the appropriate trash cans outside the Lab by those who have used the equipment.

Processed materials

All materials to be processed must be sized to fit the equipment’s work area. In order to ensure a smooth workflow and to avoid possible malfunctions of equipment, the materials that may be used are the following:
Laser Cutting: Thick Cardboard, Corrugated Cardboard, Acrylic (Plexiglass), Balsa (soft wood). In general, the materials used must be flat, non-reflective, non-metallic and free of polymers that produce harmful vapors when burned (such as PVC).
CNC Router: All types of wood, MDF, plexiglass and plywood, up to 3 cm thick, Dow (extruded polystyrene), up to 4 cm thick

Student use of the Lab

The Lab is aimed at all students from 3rd to last year. Students in 1st  and 2nd  year can only use the equipment within a specific course. In this case the instructor has to make the necessary arrangements to book the Lab for the whole class.


Safety rules

General rules

Contact the Laboratory staff for any issues that may arise

As the floor is uneven (there are steps and ramps), be careful while moving within the Laboratory.
Respect others who use the Laboratory site.
No food or drinks are allowed inside the Lab.

Laser cutters

Laser cutters should always be started with their door closed.
Do not look directly at the laser beam.
Chlorine-containing materials such as PVC cannot be used.
Watch your head and hands when closing the doors of the laser cutters to avoid injury.
After your materials have been cut, wait until the smoke is absorbed from the ventilation system before you open the door.
The laser cutters should never operate unattended.


Always keep safety distances from CNC moving parts.
Do not touch the cutting material while the CNC is operating.
Interventions during cutting, e.g. dust/sawdust cleaning, should be done with CNC operation paused.
Always wear earmuffs, mask and goggles if you are inside the CNC area during a cutting operation.
The CNC should never operate unattended.

Hand tools

Wear gloves and goggles when using the tools.
Make sure your hands are at a safe distance away from the cutting path to avoid injuries.
Dust-generating tools should be used outside the Laboratory if possible, or with a suction fitting.
Return the tools to their storage location after use.
Dangerous power tools (circular saw, hand router, cutting wheel) are not be used by students.

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