D formed shelter

d-formed_shelter d_formed_shelter_7 d_formed_shelter_6 d_formed_shelter_5 d_formed_shelter_4 d_formed_shelter_3 d_formed_shelter_2 d_formed_shelter_1 d_formed_shelter_8

Project made during the course “Associative design and manufacturing” [link]

Tutor: Alexandros Vazakas, Architect NTUA, Lecturer.
Students team: Dimitris Mairopoulos

Giorgos Andressakis

Giorgos Igglezakis

Vassilis Tsezmetzis

Alexandra Saranti

Giorgos Velivassakis

Project description: Two 3d  surfaces create the floor and roof of the structure. Each surface has three touching points either with the ground or with the other surface. The surface parametrization allows for different shading and view framing for the roof and seating spaces of various qualities for the floor. The structure can easily adapt to different topographies
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