Kaleidoscopic canopy

kaleidoscope kaleidoscopic_7 kaleidoscopic_6 kaleidoscopic_5 kaleidoscopic_4 kaleidoscopic_3

Project made during the course “Associative design and manufacturing” [link]

Tutor: Alexandros Vazakas, Architect NTUA, Lecturer.
Students team: Xanthi Baladima
Klodian Hondaj
Katianna Patrelaki
Alkistis Roussou
Katerina Tsiolaki
Mina Voyatzaki
Project description: A horizontal path curve is the generative geometry of this project. This curve is surrounded by 6 other horizontal  curves that define the vertices of vertical irregular hexagons. These are interconnected with beams,  creating  a continuous path of variable section, that opens up at its two ends.