Surface Cubed


2012 Projects

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Project made during the course: “Contemporary materials and construction methods”

Tutor: Kostis Oungrinis, Associate professor TUC
Students team: Dimitris Mairopoulos
Marianna Paschidi
Project description: Inspired by a competition’s design theme, our goal was to create an object (a chair) which would hybridize the two referred states, the static and the dynamic. In the presence of the human the object embraces the body and its dynamic nature; in his absence it stands static as a primordial solid .The object equilibrates between the two states. The static engulfs the dynamic and the dynamic emerges from the static. The geometry of the chair, consists of a cube(60x60x60 cm) and a cutting double curvature surface. The surface’s curvature is derived from the human body, in a variety of sitting postures. A plane intersects the cube, creating two pieces, a chair and a stool. When the two are combined they form a full body recliner. The curve is shaped, so that body curvature is ideally met, in the reclining position. However, small deviations from symmetry were created, so when the objects are used separately, the user may choose from a variety of sitting possibilities. Moreover, these deviations occur in areas that are not in contact with the body, while the pieces are connected, so no discomfort is created. The chair is created by a waffle of successive planes (60x60x0.4 cm). Rhino Grasshopper was used to parameterize these cutting planes and create the waffle slits. The material chosen for the implementation of the project was cardboard, but various materials such as wood (final model presented, made by mdf), metal or plexiglass can be also used, according to ones needs. Finally, the pieces of the chair can be packed in a single 60x60x12 cm box, since all the pieces can be grouped with their supplementary piece, therefore, minimizing the chair’ s volume.
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